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Bryan Lim

It sounds cliche, but when your passion becomes your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. Bryan Lim started his video making journey during his college days as part of his assignment. It was an entirely new skill set that got him curious and started exploring more about making videos since then. After graduating from Taylor’s University, Bryan went on to work in a digital marketing agency (due to his interest in social media marketing) but soon enough he realized that the usual 9-to-6 grind would not be something he wants to be stuck doing. It was then that Bryan revisited an old flame – video making.

It was on one of the projects that Bryan was working on that he first met Ming Han who already had a YouTube channel with his own ‘laptop video recording’ sessions. The Youtube channel eventually grew into full-fledged entertainment channel with proper video content when Bryan, Raffi and Ming Yue collaborated and formed the team now known as The Ming Thing (TMT). The Youtube channel (TMT) is a familiar name in the local Youtube scene, making lighthearted videos about the funny side of life and sometimes the serious ones too. 

Apart from The Ming Thing, Bryan also has his own Youtube channel (BryanLimTV) where he uploads his own short film (really backdated ones), comedy stuff (not so funny ones maybe), branding advertisement stuff (videos done for clients), and sometimes his own travel videos (whenever he gets the opportunity to travel abroad, of course).

In early 2013, the team established Core Studios Sdn Bhd, a media production company that focuses mainly on producing online content. While The Ming Thing (TMT) acts as the storefront, Core Studios is the kitchen and gear behind the ensemble. Currently, Bryan is one of the directors in Core Studios, managing the company’s business operations.

Bryan has also earned various recognition and accolades as a team and as individual, including the Berjaya Youth Short Film Competition 2012 (1st Runner Up), Berjaya Youth Short Film Competition 2013 (2nd Runner Up), BMW Shorties 2012 (Top 10 Finalist) and at the same time was nominated for Best Cinematography for his short film – “Leap of Faith“.

The Ming Thing

Media / Interviews: 
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SAYS: http://says.com/my/entertainment/youtuber-of-the-week-bryan-lim-the-accidental-youtuber